Vogue recommends Prosody London

Big feature from Vogue Japan:

"Natural and organic ‘prosody’ is the new collection of perfumes that is the benchmark of the high-end perfumes." 

"Reflecting its name, a poem that represent each fragrance is printed on the package.Among the six perfumes, Lissom Linden that evokes the images of full blossom in English garden stands out the most. Mocha Muscari that is based on coffee and added jasmine and lavender notes is sexy and unique. Refreshing citrus note, Neroli Nuance is also remarkable."

"Indulge in this unique and distinctive perfume collection that is inspired by poem, literature and art."

from LONDON 詩と文学に発想を得たオーガニック・フレグランス。


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'Candle Set by Prosody

Nothing sets an atmosphere better than scented candles, and there are an abundance of premium offers that deliver from London including Victoria Cator, Jo Malone, and our favorite Prosody. The company uses only organic and wild harvested essential oils and natural isolates to craft complex olfactory experiences that are alluring, enchanting, and long-lasting. The big tea lights gift set includes stars Rhapsodic Rose, Wood & Woodknot, and Juniper Journey.'


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