Pure Botanicals as Olfactive Art

"Making organic fragrances is hard. These guys are very good at it." Luca Turin.

Prosody is an old English word for the structure and rhythm of poetry. We chose this as our name because while many synthetic provide an unvarying uniformity to fragrances, naturals are both more beautiful and more mobile in character.

All-natural perfumery is a rigourous discipline of building bridges between materials to form an interesting journey with a coherent idea; an art analogous to poetry.


"Very elegant 'grown up' unisex design. These are not 'safe' or linear scents, they take intriguing twists and turns on the skin. Also very long lasting on me. 6 hours after spraying they're still going strong."


"Although the entire line is 100% natural with a high percentage of organic ingredients, these are no mere ‘passable’ concoctions but could easily hold their own against many of the bolshy, synthetic-heavy scents on the market." 


"These beautifully packaged complex scents are luxurious and long lasting - a couple of sprays in the morning will have you smelling gorgeous all day. The lack of synthetics means that you won't get a 'perfume headache' (which I seem to get whenever I visit the beauty counter of a department store) and of course they are cruelty free." 


Pure Luxury & all natural

Discover our high performance all natural and organic fragrance in the heart of London. Lissom Linden is our best seller at the store.

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Prosody London retail display in South Korea
A natural linden perfume and and natural rose perfume with red ribbon

Made in England

Our products are conceived, designed, elaborated and made by hand in England.

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Pure botanicals as olfactive art