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Best of British- Gifts for Him and Her

Eight British Brands to add to your fift list this christmas.

At No 3. is Prosody, London Travel Set (perfumes) £155.

An increased interest in both homegrown brands and handcrafted items has turned into a big buying trand this Christamas. Mattie Lacey-Davidson investigates

"Questions over environmental impact, fair trade and the ocassional poor quality of items that have been mass produced has led to a discovery of buying local, and Christmas is no exception"



The founder of Green and Blacks and the editor of The Perfume Society Jo Fairley recommends Prosody London perfumes on Mailonline. "You might also like to check out Prosody London, a new luxury perfume brand that’s sustainable, ethical and organic. With a gloriously wedding-y mood is Rose Rondeaux; this has a rosy heart and plenty of warmth in the lingering sandalwood and patchouli base. Neroli Nuance takes white floral notes of orange blossom – again, with a strong link to weddings (Queen Victoria wore an orange blossom crown when she married Prince Albert), creating a super-elegant, summery blend that incorporates other floral and woody notes. These fragrances are priced from £36 for 10ml (a small size – buy here – but more than enough for a wedding and/or to tell whether you want to spring for the larger bottle. Which is always lovely, as a keepsake.)" Click here for the full article.


Smelling of roses: Perfume with no hidden nasties.

Your favourite fragrance may smell sweet, but it could be polluting your home.

Many perfumes and scented candles contain petroleum-derived substances – paraffin wax is used to make candles, for example – and there are concerns about the fumes. One laboratory study found paraffin candles could give off chemicals linked to lung cancer and asthma, although only very extensive use could cause health issues.

The alternative? Go organic with fine fragrances that use natural ingredients. Brands such as Prosody London, which launched at Fortnum & Mason on Monday, use essential oils, beeswax and coconut wax, which burn more cleanly.

The Mocha Muscari Eau de Parfum (right, £175, prosodylondon.com) features musky notes of coffee, sandalwood and lavender.

Or try the Apricot Ardour candle (left, £75, prosodylondon.com), inspired by a sunbaked afternoon.




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