Our Principles

We believe sustainability should be a core tenet of all cultivation and that products for personal use should be as clean and unadulterated as possible. We believe it is important to strive to maintain this principle while using all ingenuity and artistry to create fascinating, varied and well-structured fragrances, fragrances that can meet the expectations of modern consumers yet avoid the many synthetics and additives that undermine our shared sense of what nature can do. We want to make fragrance and scented products that are clean, safe and pure and that could continue to be made for centuries without in any way disturbing or compromising the environment or the wellbeing of those using or exposed to them.



Prosody London uses well over 90% organic ingredients in all its products. The ethanol for our perfumes is distilled from organic grain and certified by the relevant authorities like all our organic ingredients.


Saving water

Our processes involve a minimum of water. Oils are mixed and diluted with alcohol and the product itself contains no water. We pride ourselves on achieving longevity in our perfumes without relying on synthetic musks, many of which are non-biodegrable and pose a huge risk to clean water.


British maker

Our fragrances are developed in London and produced in the English countryside on the fringe of the North Wessex Downs.


Supporting Communities

As all-natural perfumers we buy materials that are sourced across the world, including many developing nations. Prosody London supports charities concerned with Fair Trade, Clean Water and the Education of Girls in such nations.

Vegan friendly

Prosody London perfumes are made exclusively with plant derived materials. Classic perfumery ingredients such as deer musk, civet or castoreum are entirely unacceptable to us, as are synthetic substitutes. Our quest is to match the seductive and satisfying quality of great classic fragrances without using such ingredients.


Cruelty free

Since our natural materials are all well-known to science and are diluted according to IFRA standards, there is no need for testing on animals. We also avoid exporting to countries where animal testing is mandatory for perfume and beauty products.



Forest friendly

We only source ingredients that are sustainably farmed to avoid contributing to deforestation.


Reduce waste

Reducing waste

We strive to minimise the use of plastics in our product and packaging, and offer a recycling incentive scheme offering consumers a discount on their next purchase if they return an empty 50ml Prosody London bottle to us with the packaging.