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Prosody London Neroli Nuance Eau de Parfum

For a top-quality, natural and organic perfume look to new fragrance house Prosody London, which is pioneering a new generation of fine fragrances. Each of the six scents, including this Neroli Nuance(£135 for 50ml), is made only with organic and wild-harvested essential oils, natural isolates and organic grain alcohol – no petroleum derivatives, phthalates, parabens, synthetic musk, GMO material or hexane in sight. They’re also vegan-friendly and not tested on animals. It’ll be love at first sniff!

Prosody London Rose Rondeaux EDP (£135, is one of six perfumes from this new organic fragrance brand. This romantic number has top notes of iris, bergamot and raspberry, which give way  to a rosy heart and a patchouli, blackcurrant and sandalwood base.

Kershen Teo takes great pride in his aptitude for creating natural perfumes that live up to all we desire from a scent, and more. “Natural perfume has the reputation for not lasting long compared to synthetic ones. I just see this as a structural challenge and so far I’ve managed to make perfumes that are beautiful and lasting. To make great natural perfumes takes skill, craft and persistence, but I believe in it. I work at it until it’s right, both as perfume and in performance terms. If it was easy I guess there’d be more of us!”


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