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7 of the best vegan-friendly fragrances

Is your signature scent cruelty-free?

Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles may be increasingly popular, but while there are plenty of vegan beauty buys to choose from, it can be harder than you think to find a vegan fragrance. Before you even decide whether you like how the perfume smells on your skin, you need to check whether your chosen scent contains animal-derivatives - including musk, honey, milk, ambergris or civet - as well as making the time to confirm the brand's animal-testing policy, or whether it sells in China.

To save you some of the hassle, we've rounded up our favourite vegan scents that you can spritz on with critter-loving confidence...


5Prosody London Organic Eau de Parfum Set

Small, independent perfume brands often do cruelty-free best as Prosody London proves. All its formulas use vegan, natural and organic ingredients, with the rose and oud scents particular standouts. 


プロソディ ロンドン

動物に優しい優秀ブランドは小さな独立系に多いけれど、プロソディ・ロンドン(Prosody London)もそのひとつ。すべての処方にヴィーガンかつナチュラルなオーガニック原料が使われており、特にローズとウード(沈香)の香りが傑出している。


プロソディ ロンドン「Organic Eau de Parfum Set」


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