Rose Rondeaux, by CaFleureBon

"Rose Rondeaux is one of the most joyous, breathtakingly life-like roses I’ve ever come across"

Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor, CaFleureBon

Continuing their series on exploring Prosody London's Eau de Parfum collection, CaFleureBon - the leading source of insight into artistic perfumery and introducing visitors to those artists behind the bottle - have reviewed Prosody London's Eau de Parfum, Rose Rondeaux:

"It is the experience of putting your entire face into the heart of the bloom. There’s not a trace of lipstick here, no jam; just the spun-silk loveliness of a rose newly opened on a hot spring day.  You can almost smell it unfolding, the heat warming the fresh petals and releasing their delicate oils.

Prosody London Rose Rondeaux EDP

Rose Rondeaux starts out sparkling and piquant as raspberry, blackcurrant and bergamot burst from the bottle with a brilliant, juicy tang. These bright, fruity notes set the stage for the the silky rose that quickly opens...

The rest of the fragrance is given over to the rose, with its satiny, heartbreaking loveliness. Girded by warm patchouli, the rose seems to open slowly before me: the stemmy greenness cleverly hinted at in the blackcurrant, the powdery chamomile of the filaments, the sun-warmed head of the blossom. Labdanum reinforces the sense of warmth that permeates Rose Rondeaux. If ever there was a rose perfume to make you forget a blustery January morning, this is it.

Prosody London perfumes prove that all-natural compositions can, in the right hands, compete with the most advanced aroma chemicals. Seek them out. They speak from the heart"

Read the full review by Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor at CaFleureBon, here.

Rose Rondeaux is available both as a 10ml and 50ml bottle, and features as part of our Floral Eau de Parfum sample set, alongside Lindom Lissen, Jacinth Jonquil and Neroli Nuance.

Rose Rondeaux can also be enjoyed as part of Prosody London's Travel Set, featuring 10ml bottles of our top-selling fragrances.


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