CaFleureBon's review of Mocha Muscari

"One of the most creative, beautiful all-natural lines I’ve come across."

Lauryn Beer, Senior Editor at CaFleureBon.

CaFleureBon, the leading website providing original content on all aspects of perfumery, provides readers with an insider view into the world of fragrance.

They recently reviewed Prosody London's Eau de Parfum, Mocha Muscari, and shared the following thoughts on our evocative and enigmatic, ambery, chocolaty fragrance:

"For Prosody London, an all-natural, 100% sustainable fragrance brand based in London, plants are much more than a cryptic messenger of human sentiment; they are “the silent friends without which our planet would be bare and our lives unthinkable...

One of my favourites from the collection, Mocha Muscari is an oblique coffee fragrance wrapped in woody notes and lavender. 

The first impression is mulchy forest ground; the smell of damp earth, dried leaves crushed underfoot, distant smoke. As these forestal notes settle down, a very dry, slightly acidic coffee note surfaces. The coffee here is less steamy brew and more unroasted bean; tangy, dry, absent sweetness...

Prosody London Mocha Muscari EDP

As minutes tick by, dots of plants come through like pointillist brush marks: soapy coriander seed, soft jasmine whispering to angelica. Their presence is subtle but act to balance and soften the darker, denser notes. Ashy lavender and agarwood (oud) combine in a smoky, sooty middle stage that makes me think of darkened restaurant corners from years past, when people smoked, stayed out too late and listened to the pluck and twang of the strings in the waning hours of nighttime...

Hours later, Mocha Muscari weaves between woods and tobacco. Coffee peaks in from time to time, is coffee and sandalwood bolstered by a natural-smelling frankincense with green, minty notes. Unusual, alluring, genderless, Mocha Muscari is an inventive take on the venerable brew."

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Mocha Muscari is available in both 10ml and 50ml bottles, as well as being part of our Unisex Eau de Parfum sample set, alongside Oud Octavo, Neroli Nuance and Lantern Reed.

Mocha Muscari is also available as part of the Prosody London travel set, which contains 10ml bottles of our best-selling Eau de Parfums. 

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