Learn how to make 100% natural perfume in a beautiful inspiring environment in central London (zone1).

Taught by Keshen Teo, the innovative creative director and natural perfumer who has garnered favourable reviews from the world’s most esteemed and influential perfume critic, Luca Turin.

Keshen will share with you his methods of making beautiful 100% natural perfumes. The course is suitable for both novice and experienced amateur perfumers.

This one day course is split into the following sessions:

1. Why make natural perfume?
We will explore the benefits of working in all botanical materials and dive into the history of how natural perfume nurtured civilisation and how we can live with natural aromatics every day.

2. Safety and Allergens
Before diving into making natural perfume we will explain safety issues around using essential oils, and help you navigate the IFRA guidelines. If you have been making perfume for a while
but are unsure whether your perfumes are safe for the EU market this will give you confidence to find out.

3. Evaluating raw ingredients - hands on session
Here you will learn to distinguish between synthetic and natural materials, nature identical synthetic vs natural isolates. You will smell co2 extract vs absolutes, and many other rare and expensive raw materials and tinctures.

4. Make 2 classic perfumes - hands on session
You will learn how to make 2 classic fragrance types. The whole class will be making the same kinds of perfume, but through analysis and evaluation you will improve on your own creations as well as learning from other students’ discoveries. 

5. Make your final creation of the day - hands on session
You will make your best version of a perfume you have made for the day into a 30ml bottle as something lovely to bring home and share with friends and family.