Daily Mail features Rose Rondeaux as hottest new scent

The Daily Mail have heroed Prosody London's perfume, Rose Rondeaux, as one of their "Bottles brimming with fruits of the earth", as clean fragrances rise in popularity. 

The article reports that consumer's attention is moving towards natural ingredients and the environmental impact of the cosmetic business. Brands such as Prosody London are appealing to a new generation of consumer that is wary of using strong chemicals or buying anything that harms the planet.

Perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin says: ‘This isn’t just a trend: it’s a movement.’ There is a growing demand for perfumes that contain ‘natural’ or organic ingredients and are mindful of their impact on the environment.

Moeglin continues ‘It’s tough to create a long-lasting, original organic or natural perfume that projects well into the air from your skin [meaning you can actually smell it]… many of the ingredients that create brightness [such as citrus notes] or stability [so the fragrance doesn’t spoil] are synthetic.’



Rose Rondeaux

Prosody Rose Rondeaux, £135 for 50ml, prosodylondon.com

Perfumer Keshen Teo uses more than 90 per cent organic ingredients, and Prosody’s scents compete with those of any luxury name. Here, rose and raspberry notes sit on a warm sandalwood base. 

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