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Decoding 'Clean' Candles - The Scented Alternative That Won't Damage Your Health



Whether it’s accompanying a relaxing soak in the tub, a Netflix binge on the sofa or a session working from home, there’s not many situations that can’t be improved by a scented candle. With its flickering flame and transporting scent, there’s something instantly calming about lighting a candle.

However, could our much-loved candles pose hidden dangers? According to many scaremongering headlines, it seems so. The most concerning culprit? Paraffin wax. 'Inhaling paraffin wax fumes may cause irritation to the respiratory tract, coughing and shortness of breath. The fumes may also irritate the eyes or cause nausea', argues Kershen Teo, perfumer and founder of Prosody London. 'You will breathe in any chemicals your candles emit unless your house is very well ventilated', he added.

Dr Nick Hopkinson, Medical Director at the British Lung Foundation, supports Teo’s concerns. 'Indoor air pollution from anything burnt inside the home, including candles, can have a serious impact on our health. Smoke particles linger in the air and can be inhaled', Dr Hopkinson explained. 'This can worsen symptoms for people living with lung conditions like asthma or COPD, especially for children.'


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