A Breath of Fresh Air: Prosody London's Organic Fragrances

This is one knock-out fragrance. If you want to make an entrance: spritz this on before you enter and wait to turn heads. From the perfumers of the moment – Prosody London – making waves with its natural and organic scents, this Jacinth Jonquil is like a breath of fresh air. Blending hyacinth, jasmine and fresh jonquil – it is spring-like, yet bold, contemporary yet classic. It’s everything you want it to be for a perfume that sums up a ‘when-spring-meets-summer’ sensibility that is right now.

Taking plants and all their beauty as inspiration, Prosody is based around the changing nature of the natural world, how plants and flowers are our ‘markers’ of the seasons and how each part has its own particular beauty – from their stems to their petals – which should be celebrated.

Sustainability is also a brand ethos, with the beauty house believing that beauty products should be as clean as possible.

“We believe it is important to strive to maintain this principle while using all ingenuity and artistry to create fascinating, varied and well-structured fragrances, fragrances that can meet the expectations of modern consumers yet avoid the many synthetics and additives that undermine our shared sense of what nature can do,” it says.

Sourcing natural ingredients from ethical and sustainable producers, the result are perfumes which are good for the planet and good for the soul.

*This review is based on a press sample

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